Grand Adjustable Bed



Product Description
The Grand Comfort Base marries state-of-the-art technology and modern design so falling asleep becomes a brand-new experience. Designer looks and high-end features like under-bed lighting, a charging station with USB ports, and endless custom positions are all available at a fraction of the cost of other bases in the market. You will fall asleep and wake up refreshed like never before with the Grand’s exclusive Sleep Enhancement feature. Utilizing Total Body Vibration technology, the Grand will ease you to sleep and provide you with health benefits like increasing circulation, alleviate muscle fatigue, and reducing stress hormones.
Full Range Positions – Head/Foot Up & Down
Designer Charcoal Upholstery Fabric
Premium Deck-on-Deck Design
Recessed Steel Legs
Strong, yet Lightweight, Angle Iron and Steel Tubular Frame
German Engineered Motor
-Utilizes Motor Noise Displacement™ for quieter use
-Features Dynamic Force™ motor power, a patented lift mechanism that is twice as efficient as competition and allows bed to become stronger as it rises
Safety Plus™ Features
-Zero Pull Force
-Pinch Free Zones
-Emergency Power Down
-Power Surge Protection
Wireless Backlit Ergonomic Remote Control
-Upper Body Incline up to 65 degrees
-Lower Body Incline up to 35 degrees
-One Touch Flat Button
2 Pre-programmed Positions
-Zero Gravity
Programmable Memory Positions
Torch Light
Pillow Tilt for Extra Support and Comfort
LED Under-bed Lighting
Charging Station – 4 Universal USB Charging Ports (2 each side)
Wall Hugging Design – allows back travel up to 11”
Sleep Enhancement Technology™
The pulsation of a single vibe motor placed in the mid-back area creates an even, Total Body Vibration providing numerous health benefits and easing user into deeper, higher quality sleep.
-4 Wave Modes (Low, Medium, High, and Constant)
-4 Levels of Intensity
-3 Timer Options
800lb total Operating Weight Capacity*
*Combined capacity of two twin xl’s for king size set while in use
Twin XL – 400lb, Full- 500lb, Queen- 600lb
Overall Bed Height of 15”
Fits Within or On Top of Most Standard Bed Frames
Sleep Enhancement Technology™
The benefits of the Sleep Enhancement technology are numerous. The pulsation of a single vibe motor placed in the mid-back area provides an even, Total Body Vibration. Studies show medical benefits of Total Body Vibration include increased circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility; better range of motion; and faster muscle recovery after physical activity. Other health benefits include increased bone density and reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. Higher levels of cortisol increase alertness, making it more difficult to relax into sound sleep. Total Body Vibration itself eases the body to sleep by relaxing the body’s muscles with the repetitive pulsations. In addition, it creates a white noise effect, cancelling out other surrounding noises and preventing random noises from waking you, allowing you to fall and stay asleep easier.
Included Accessories:
Sync Cable for Pairing Bases (Twin XL’s Only)
Mattress Retainer Bar
Headboard Brackets
20 Year Limited Warranty
-Year 1: Full Coverage of Parts and Labor
-Years 2 and 3: Full Coverage of Parts Only
-Years 4 through 20: Prorated Coverage of Parts Only (Non-Electrical)
Available sizes:
Twin XL, Queen, Split Cal King